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2018 Election: Vetting the candidates running for the Bonsall Unified School District’s Board of Trustees

Originally published October 2, 2018. Updated October 20, 2018

NOTE: The Village News published information on each candidate in its October 14 issue. Dr. Sylvia Tucker stated she was Neutral on EE and critical of the proposed high school designs. Dr. Coen publicly attacked her position and endorsed her opponent Larissa Anderson. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 12.20.23 AMFour seats out of five on the Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD) Board are up for election in 2018. In early September sent out a Questionnaire to all eight candidates running for the BUSD Board. Here are the results as of September October 2, 2018: 

  • Three candidates completed the full Questionnaire. Two candidates completed it fully and in a timely manner, returning it in early September: Roger Merchat and Dr. Sylvia Tucker. Brian Olson provided his answers on October 1. 
  • One candidate partially completed the Questionnaire: Michael Gaddis provided a statement, then replied to some of the questions on October 2. 
  • One candidate provided only a statement: Larissa Anderson.
  • One candidate promised to answer the questions but never did: Eric Ortega. 
  • Two candidates did not respond to multiple emails: incumbents Timothy Coen and Lou Riddle. 
  • We appreciate the candidates who are transparent and responsive to the voters! 

Candidates for BUSD Board, 2016 November 2018 election (incumbents in red). 

4 year term, 3 seats, 6 candidates:.
Timothy Coen, doctor: No response to multiple emails.
Michael Gaddis, attorney/broker:  After multiple emails, we received a statement from Mr. Gaddis, followed by a partially completed Questionnaire on October 2. 
Roger Merchat,
engineer: Questionnaire is here for your review.
Brian Olson, business owner: Questionnaire is here for your review.
Eric Ortega,
appointed board memberPala Radio: September 10, “I received the email and in the process so far responding to the survey. Thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions.” 
No Questionnaire received. 
Lou Riddle,
construction and Lilac Hills Ranch supporter (pages 39 and 42): No response to multiple emails.

2 year term, 1 seat, 2 candidates:
Larissa Anderson, Chief Notion Commotionist at WhatNext, DD campaign manager in 2016: Multiple emails received and a statement to share with the voters but Larissa refused to answer the Questionnaire. Here are Larissa Anderson’s emails and statement for your review.
Dr. Sylvia Tucker, Ed.D., farmer, retired educator: Questionnaire is here for your review.

1 seat not up for election in 2018:
Dick Olson, incumbent.

Candidate info:

We hope you find this information useful.  Here is also information on the growing coalition Opposing Measure EE

Thank you!

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