BUSD and safety?

BUSD says safety is important but….

  1. BUSD proposes moving its high school students from a moderate wildfire zone in Bonsall to a very high wildfire zone in Fallbrook and then offered only one entrance/exit in the proposed design plan. The community revolted and stated that, if any school were built anywhere in North County San Diego, two exits was a non negotiable. SaveGirdValley.com delivered a written opinion from a Fire Chief on the subject and BUSD approached the Fallbrook Fire Chief and  he publicly announce that he had never sent a letter advocating for two exits. To be clear, the letter is by retired Ventura County Fire Chief Roper and you can read it here.
  2. BUSD says it cares about the children but it had never developed school shooting or fire safety evacuation plans for any of its campuses. The community continues to push BUSD to address this deficiency, District-wide, via the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) process for a massive 1,500-student school proposed for Fallbrook’s Gird Valley, 1.1 miles from the northernmost edge of the school district. This is the sixth time, a high school has been proposed for this inconvenient site (it has lost five times at the ballot box). 
  3. Traffic, parking and car accidents are all issues, District-wide, at BUSD and it is estimated that its proposed high school for Fallbrook’s Gird Valley will result in an unacceptable 73% increase in traffic. But BUSD has not implemented a carpool or any sort of traffic/parking/accident reduction program. A carpool app program is a natural fit for BUSD which claims to run a high-tech high located in what was lauded as a “state-of-the-art high school” when it opened in the Fall of 2016. In 2017, volunteers from SaveGirdValley.com researched a dozen carpool apps, recommended one and offered $1,000 toward the program. In July 2018, a second attempt was made to trigger follow up to carpooling concept at BUSD. As of September 25, 2018, BUSD has not replied. 
  4. BUSD has been criticized at its Board meeting on safety deficiencies in its parking lot design for its proposed high school. 
  5. BUSD built at least one school without fire sprinklers and ignored maintenance needs including those for “fire and life safety”. In 2016, the San Diego County Taxpayers Association criticized BUSD, noting: “SDCTA believes the District has NOT included projects in its bond program to address some major maintenance needs, particularly those regarding fire and life safety. For example, we noted that Bonsall West Elementary does not have a sprinkler system and there are numerous electrical and plumbing deficiencies at each of the existing campuses.” In response to this criticism, BUSD set up a stunningly ineffective $50,000/year maintenance fund even as its deferred maintenance backlog grew into the millions. It is unclear if these fire and life safety deficiencies have ever been addressed. 

BUSD should be a good neighbor and implement plans to reduce traffic, parking and accidents District-wide.

BUSD should address all life and safety deficiencies in its buildings as part of its regular maintenance schedule.

BUSD should develop evacuation plans in case of emergencies and support two entrances exits at any campus in North San Diego County. 

When BUSD says it cares about student safety, please ask them specifically about these issues.

We look forward to reading their responses.

Thank you.

The Volunteers at SaveGirdValley.com