Suggested To-Do List For Gird Valley


Request Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD) board members choose another site (not Gird Road) for its high school. BACKGROUND: Fallbrook Union High School declared in 2010: “[T]he district has determined that the Gird Rd. site is not suitable for construction as a school site because of the current costs to modify the topography of the land, environmental impact mitigation, and the property’s proximity to the Sycamore Ranch development.” Funding for a proposed high school on Gird Road has lost at the ballot box five times but BUSD, which now owns the property, continues to move forward with attempts to build a 1,500-student school on Gird Road.

Aesthetics along Gird Road:

  • Harmonizing fencing along Gird Road and hiding/enclosing/burying:
  • AT&T equipment on Gird Road at Sugar Pine
  • garbage cans on Sugar Pine
  • utility poles and wires, transformers

Flora and fauna along Gird Road from Live Oak Park to 76:

  • offering arborist services to seniors for tree trimming and tree health
  • secure funding for conservation easement costs
  • 2 for 1 tree donations with local nurseries
  • hedging materials along Gird Road
  • secure grant for Live Oak Creek of debris and invasives







October 13, 2018

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