It only took us six months to find out what the last Superintendent was paid in 2016. It’s a shocker!

January 9, 2018 It only took us six months but we finally found out what the last Superintendent was actually paid in 2016. It’s a shocker!

In 2015, The San Diego Union Tribune commented  on Dr. Justin Cunningham’s Superintendent’s salary, benefits and pension ($191,000 for overseeing a small school district) in an article entitled “Some superintendent salaries rising to the extreme.” Here’s the snippet from the article:

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.07.49 PM.png

Superintendent Justin Cunningham signed a 3 year contract in 2015 for approximately $170k plus benefits. In 2016, the Board approved raises for staff, increasing the Superintendent’s base pay to $178k. However TransparentCalifornia reveals Superintendent Cunningham’s salaries and benefits were a shocking $281k in 2016, more than the Governor of California!

It took six months and dozens of emails to BUSD to finally see the correct figures for 2016 being posted to TransparentCalifornia. Cunningham retired in 2017, saying he had a bad knee. His pension will be based on this very high salary.  The Village News has reported Cunningham’s taxpayer-funded pension will be 80 to 85% of his salary. This is interesting since County employees only receive 40.5% of their salaries.

How did this happen? That’s a good question.

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