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So who is opposed to Measure EE?

Updated November 9, 2018

Measure EE, Attempt #6 to build a high school in Fallbrook’s Gird Valley since 1978, lost. Again.

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Who was opposed to Measure EE, beyond almost 60% of the voters? 

See pages 62 and 63 in the Voters and our All Star list below and thank you for VOTING WISELY!

Tony Krvaric, Chairman, Republican Party of San Diego County.  In August, the Party officially Opposed Measure EE. 

Fallbrook Democratic Club: On October 4, 2018, the Fallbrook Democratic Club as a body voted to Oppose EE. MEASURE EE Recommend NO – This misleading measure has failed 5 times before and is intended to build a Bonsall High School inside the Fallbrook planning area on Gird Road. It asks tax payers for $38 million to build phase one of three phases of a high school that is not needed. This is a high fire hazard area with only one access road in or out. Excavation of roadsides would be required to construct more lanes and roads. Lilac Hills Ranch Developers are encouraging the Bonsall school district to borrow money to build this additional school even though it is not needed under current projections.

Jan Patterson, Bonsall School District resident. Jan is also a retired elementary and special education teacher, four time Teacher of the Year. 

Julian Torres, Wounded Warrior USMC SGT RET, Father, Gird Valley resident

Carl DeMaio – Voter’s GuideMeasure EE – Bonsall Unified School District Bonds NO More costly bonds with little accountability or oversight. This bond is particularly bad in that voters have repeatedly voted NO but the politicians keep putting the bond back on the ballot hoping to fool voters.  

San Diego County Taxpayers Association: Neutral on Measure EE  – Bonsall Union School District’s proposed bond measure meets key provisions of SDCTA’s bond support criteria. SDCTA had originally opposed the bond measure, as the District failed to adopt all of our best practices on August 9th, 2018. The District then went to adopt all specified policies during a special meeting on August 21, 2018. This analysis reflects an updated neutral position. [See NOTE below.]

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters

Mary and Roger Merchat, Bonsall School District residents. Roger is a Professional Engineer and candidate for Bonsall School Board. urges No on MeasureEE.

Voters Against Wasteful School Bonds /

Teresa Platt,

Victor Dervin, Professional Engineer: CA, WA, retired.

Jeff Egkan, Fallbrook Democratic activist.

Here are the documents from the San Diego November 6 Election Voters Guide:

Argument Against Measure EE signed by:

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Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure EE signed by:

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NOTE TO ARGUMENT AGAINST MEASURE EE: In August of 2018, San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA) issued a scathing Oppose Measure EE position while pushing BUSD to address its burgeoning Deferred Maintenance backlog and adopt SDCTA’s Best Practices. In 2016, SDCTA had supported BUSD’s $58M Measure DD but notedSDCTA believes the District has NOT included projects in its bond program to address some major maintenance needs, particularly those regarding fire and life safety. For example, we noted that Bonsall West Elementary does not have a sprinkler system and there are numerous electrical and plumbing deficiencies at each of the existing campuses.  In August of 2018, after learning of SDCTA’s switch to an Oppose Measure EE position, BUSD hastily called a Board meeting and the Best Practices are now in place plus BUSD committed to addressing Deferred Maintenance in a more responsible manner. SDCTA remains cautious. It is now Neutral on Measure EE

Fallbrook Community Planning Group (FCPG) members have issued strong statements opposing the proposed site. The FCPG does not take positions on ballot measures but it did discuss the issue at a public meeting on March 19, 2018. FCPG submitted its minutes as formal comments on the proposed project. For informational purposes, we are including public comments made by FCPG members. FCPG Vice Chair Jack Wood stated, “There are a number of reasons why this property is not suitable for a school. … I strongly oppose the development of a high school on this location.” Mr. Wood previously stated that the Gird Road site “is not an appropriate location and I think it would be ill advised for this school district to continue to pursue that property for a high school.” At the March 19, 2018 meeting, FCPG Chairman Jim Russell stated BUSD greatly understated the parking needs, stating, ““They will have parking for less than 10% of the student body… I think [this development] would totally devastate Gird Valley with all the students trying to park out on Gird Road and I seriously question the logic of the folks who put those numbers in the EIR and think that is an appropriate thing to do.” …I think a major egregious error in this EIR is the fact that the property is not centrally located where a high school should be so folks can feed in from all around. This is the very extreme edge of the school district,” “on the very extreme edge, the northern edge, of the district and in my opinion is not an appropriate place for a high school.” 

If you’d like to sign on in Opposition to Measure EE, contact the campaign volunteers at We are also recommending a vote for two candidates and two candidates ONLY: Dr. Sylvia Tucker and Roger Merchat. Here’s why!

Thank you!


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