Looking ahead to 2018 for Gird Valley

Happy New Year, Everyone!
We had a busy 2017 and expect just as much activity in 2018. Why? Because we love Gird Valley and North County and want to create a better world through smart communal decision making.
For this reason, we created the SaveGirdValley.com website so we’d all have the info we would need and attended Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD) meetings when it became apparent that they were at odds with the community’s vision for the future.
We went further and sharpened our skills via a  California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Workshop and community volunteers are  serving on the  Superintendent’s district-wide Site Advisory Committee, reviewing sites for future school expansion . We look forward to hearing about the process at the January 11 BUSD Board Meeting (6 PM, Bonsall Community Center: be there!) and reading the Committee’s full report.
We also look forward to reading the 1,600-page Environmental Impact Report (EIR) expected to be released soon for its 45-day public comment period. Yes, we have a lawyer lined up to help us with this comment process. We will need donations to help with legal fees so please send a check to SaveGirdValley.com. Thanks!