Site Advisory Committee and Nov 9 BUSD Board Meeting

BUSD Board has selected volunteers to serve on the Superintendent’s Site Advisory Committee, broken down by region: Area 1, Pala – Eric Ortega, No Alternate; Area 2, Rancho – Tom Flanagan, Alternate: David Toney;  Area 3, Gird – Eric Nordeen, Alternate: Kara LaRussa; Area 4, Sullivan – Kassandra Costa, Alternate: Larissa Anderson; Area 5, Bonsall – Jeff Johnson, Alternate: None; Area 6, Bonsall West – Brian Olson, Alternate: Eric Ford.

The Site Advisory Committee will deliver a report about various available sites in January. We look forward to reading it.

The BUSD Board meeting on November 9 featured two bond measure experts. Both noted the lack of community support for a bond measure (to build a high school on Gird Road) but Dale Scott’s presentation was extremely frank and detailed. Mr. Scott advised the Board to avoid attempting a bond measure in 2018 since BUSD simply does not have enough community’s support for passage. He shared a chart on 2016’s failed Measure DD (to build a 1,5,00 student high school on Gird Road), noting that those opposed to Measure DD turned out in record numbers. Over 80% of the voters located in Bonsall and Fallbrook voted No to the Gird Road site. Not surprising since Measure DD represents the fifth time the site has failed at at the ballot box.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.21.19 AMMr. Scott stated that to counter community resistance in the areas with high turnout and No votes, BUSD would have to move other precincts by 10 points, impossible to do! Both experts recommended  BUSD not attempt a bond in 2018 due to lack of community support. We’ll post the full reports as soon as BUSD shares them but the meeting is worth listening to [BUSD Board Mtg Nov 9, 2017, bond experts’ presentations are at 0:43 to 1:18].

Update: January 2, 2018: Oddly, Mr. Scott’s presentation is not included in the attachments to the meeting minutes (9.1). We have asked BUSD to correct this. In the meantime, here is the report..

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