Thank you to everyone at the meeting at the Fallbrook Library!

SEPT 19, 2018: A big thank you to our speakers and supporters, to all who attended the meeting at the Library on September 18. It was a terrific evening, standing room only! We are sharing the PowerPoint Presentation we used at the meeting. If you open it in slideshow mode, the links will work for you. We hope you find the info useful. 

Speakers included:

  • Monserate Winery‘s Jade Work who updated us on what’s going on with his family’s 116 acres located in the heart of Gird Valley. He shared some great renderings. See them in the PowerPoint Presentation
  • James Gordon spoke on the very strong Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD)/Lilac Hills Ranch connection and how mega developers are using school districts to advance their sprawl agenda. 
  • Mark Jackson shared details on the March 2020 ballot measure.
  • U.S. Marine and Gird Valley neighbor Julian Torres spoke on getting involved in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)/Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process. You can too! See his letter and more here!
  • Environmental attorney Kevin Johnson gave additional detail on on the CEQA/EIR process. BUSD has announced it will release its DRAFT EIR for public comment about mid-October. We’re asking for an extended public comment period (generally 45 days) so the community can read and comment on this document, expected to be over 1,000 pages. We can only hope!
  • Radio host and community advocate Carl DeMaio spoke on the growing coalition Against Measure EE and BUSD’s egregious financial mismanagement. For this reason, Carl is recommending a NO on Measure EE vote. Carl used this BUSD slide to illustrate the severe financial problems at BUSD: 


  • Teresa Platt and Brad Jordan of shared their thoughts on the  Challenges Facing Gird Valley. The PowerPoint Presentation they used included great detail on the huge school proposed for the southern end of Gird Valley. Key takeaways: BUSD opened the doors on a brand new state-of-the-art high school in the Fall of 2016 but now wants to build another one even though its 2018 graduating class consisted of just 57 students.  We learned there are 7,798 housing units in the District which is ringed by 32 public and 15 private high schools. Those 7,798 units generate about 2,500 school children (K-12) enrolled at BUSD with about 2,300 in attendance daily. They are housed in 124 classrooms on four campuses (Sullivan Middle/High School), Bonsall Elementary, Bonsall West Elementary and Vivian Banks Charter School on the Pala Reservation. Should growth trigger more students, let’s do the math. Adding 10% more housing units in the District, about 800 units,  will generate about 250 more students enrolled District-wide (34 of those in high school). BUSD’s projections are overstated. Combine this with the fact that California is facing a long term declining trend in enrollment and building more brick and mortar in the digital era is just another risky bet.
  • Measure EE this November will be Attempt #6 to pass a bond to build a high school in Fallbrook’s Gird Valley. Why is BUSD ignoring the voters? To get involved with the official key campaign committee, contact the volunteers at 
  • As for school Board candidates, we are circulating a Questionnaire to the candidates now and will post their responses soon. Stay tuned! 

Again, it was an amazing night!!! Thank you to all our volunteers, supporters and speakers, all those who made it possible. 

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation we used at the meeting. 

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Standing room only at the meeting. Photo: Tom Frew


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