Update: What happened? 

APR 27, 2018 Update: What happened? 

Last night’s BUSD Special Board Meeting was extended to Friday April 27, 6 PM, The resolution is a 9-page legal document (due at the Registrar of Voters office by August) and there were lots of questions and contentious moments. Some board members wanted it spelled out what the public would get for its debt but others wanted buzz words that poll well to ease passage of Attempt #6 to build a huge brick and mortar high school in Gird Valley.

Others wanted “flexibility” in the wording so they could spend on anything including maintenance work (generally done under the regular budget). Facilities Manager David Medcalf was a supporter  for “flexibility” so BUSD could use bond dollars as cash in the bank for matching funds for maintenance grants, indicating BUSD’s cash and reserves (legally set at 3%) are running dangerously low. Is BUSD attempting to borrow for cash flow reasons, and secure that debt to homes in the district, while attempting to build a portion of a high school for large scale developers who have not yet cleared the planning department because their proposed mega projects are in conflict with the County’s General Plan? That’s a real stretch and the tension was obvious at last night’s meeting.

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