BUSD meeting coming up on Thursday July 12

JULY 10, 2018 BUSD meeting coming up on Thursday July 12

July 12, 2018 After the departure of Facilities Director David Medcalf,  BUSD seeks to approve a relationship for facilities management with the County Office of Education. See Item 10.7. Item 10.5 notes that the SD County Taxpayers Association recommends BUSD add the following language to the fall ballot measure: “In order to maximize community benefit and efficiently apply taxpayer dollars, the applicant shall demonstrate a good faith effort to pursue all practical opportunities to expand community joint use facilities in every new or expanded construction project. In pursuing joint use, the applicant’s goal should be to maximize the use of facilities to the broader community without adversely impacting operations or finances.”

Keeping in mind that within the school district are dozens of meeting venues, schools, churches, special event venues, arts centers, golf course club houses and hotels, all facilities used by the community, we  hope this wording could be met with moveable walls transforming a classroom for 30 into room for 100 for PTA meetings. We hope this won’t become just another pro-development  “go big or go home” initiative pushed by those committed to ever more square footage.