Ouch! BUSD approves $242,000 in design work and Attempt #6, a $38 million bond to build one-third of a huge high school in Fallbrook’s Gird Valley!

JUNE 10, 2018: Thanks to everyone who showed up at the Aoril and May Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD) board meetings. The next meeting is June 14, 6 PM. Hope to see you there.
In May, BUSD affirmed a site in Fallbrook’s Gird Valley as their preferred site because they own it. It approved $242,000 in design work and a $38 million bond measure (property tax/debt) on the ballot this fall for one third of a 1,500-student high school in Fallbrook’s Gird Valley. Ouch!
What are they thinking? After seven years of deficit spending, BUSD’s reserves are dangerously low, below the legal limit. BUSD’s 2018 graduating class is just 56 students, down 30% from 80 in 2014. BUSD’s high school programs are competing against 32 public high schools and 15 private ones in the area. With over built high schools stealing students from each other, Fallbrook Union High School’s enrollment is down 30%.
So will district residents (from Oceanside to Pala) vote in November to tax themselves for 30 years to pay for one-third of another massive high school, a school their children will never use because it’s located just one mile south of the District’s northern line? Probably not.
BUSD’s Board approved moving forward (off the cliff) anyway. The ignored the fact that the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) has not been completed. The community has submitted lengthy and detailed comments but BUSD has not yet responded to them.