Another busy week: Activist Mark Jackson speaks and BUSD calls a special board meeting. Will BUSD vote for Attempt #6 to build a massive high school in Gird Valley?

APRIL 23, 2018: Thanks to everyone who showed up at the April 12 Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD) board meeting. Please see our website for full details on what happened. In a nutshell, we learned that voters polled in BUSD went a little shaky when asked about the Gird Valley site. No wonder. Building a high school in Gird Valley has lost five times at the ballot box, starting with Attempt #1 way back in 1978. Facing organized community resistance, the pollster/bond expert (Jason List of Urban Futures) advised the board to reach out and find a solution that is broadly supported. He’s the second bond expert to caution BUSD’s Board about the dangers of moving forward with a bond measure in 2018, Attempt #6, when faced with opposition that has built over generations. … Read more