Lest we forget, here’s what they told us in 2012

SEPT. 28, 2017: July 2012: California Department of Education (CDE) analysis notes that “Upon unification, the district’s plan for the high school facility is to convert the existing Sullivan Middle School site into a high school over a 4 year period.  The first year after unification would include 9th graders at the site, the 2nd year after unification would include both 9th and 10th graders, etc., until after 4 years of unification all 4 grades of high school (9 through 12) would be located at the site.  The current enrollment at the middle school is 533 students.  At this time, the site has 10 excess capacity classrooms for additional students if needed. This would provide ample space for the projected enrollment of 513 students for all four grades of high school. In addition, the site has a special education classroom and regional program currently housed on site. (Attachment 6.).”

The County Committee Study reports that the Fallbrook Union HSD has no school sites or facilities within the territory of the Bonsall Union ESD, but owns a 50-acre undeveloped parcel of land (Gird Road property) located in the Bonsall Union ESD. Because the parcel is undeveloped and has never been a school site, this study recommends the districts negotiate the value and disposition of the parcel. (At a meeting December 12, 2011, the Fallbrook Union HSD Board of Trustees declared the Gird Road property surplus.) (attachment 1) …“The board has studied the facilities issue and believes that SMS can house very adequately the small high school that it envisions. We do not want, nor do we need a massive brick and mortar high school that it envisions……Nor do we need fifty acres of dirt to accomplish our mission. …projections indicate that the ongoing state fiscal crisis, declining enrollment, and increases in operating costs have affected Fallbrook Union HSD’s fiscal health but recommends that SBE adopt the Negative Declaration in that there is no substantial evidence that the project (proposed unification) will have a significant effect on the environment. Based on BUSD’s submission, the CDE determines, “The proposed unification action will not result in a significant effect to land use and planning as construction of new facilities on undisturbed land is not proposed. The new parking lot will be located on mowed grass at an existing school. The Continuation School will be located on property that currently houses a fire station. As such, there will be no division of an established community, and no conflict with applicable land use plans. There is no existing habitat conservation or natural community conservation plans that effect either the existing school sites or the fire station site. (page 16)... Parking Facilities will include additional 100 parking spaces are to be located just south of the current parking lot of approximately 100 spaces at Sullivan Middle School. (attachment 9) …”