A Tale of Two School Districts

(Printable email release)

As part of a 2012 reorganization of school districts, Fallbrook Union High School District (FUHSD) transferred a surplus site on Gird Road (which it had declared as “not suitable” for a high school) to the newly formed Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD). It is important to note that FUHSD lost four bond measures to fund building on that particular site before it passed into BUSD’s ownership. Clearly the community was united in its opposition to a school in historic and much-loved Gird Valley. In November of 2016, BUSD would lose the fifth attempt.

BUSD made various statements about the site over the years, ranging from building a small school of a few hundred students to selling or trading the property.
In 2016, BUSD announced it would build a beautiful $56M to $70M state-of-the-art permanent high school and would pass a bond measure to do so (Measure DD on the Fall 2016 ballot). The school would serve 1,500 students, 60 teachers plus administrators, staff and parents. Its recreational facilities and performing arts center would be open after hours to the public. READ MORE…

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